Italian Cities and Towns Photo gallery Campania. Images of castles, churches, landscape, architecture, monuments. From Castle (Maschio) Angioino to St. Andrew Patron's Cathedral in Amalfi, from Oplontis - Poppea's Villa to Herculaneum excavations

Photo Gallery Campania

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Avellino Photos (01/07/2008)
Holy Rosary Church, War Memorial, Caracciolo Palace
Altavilla Irpina Photos (25/06/2008)
Caruso Palace, Ex Verginian Monastery, Saint Peregrine Collegiate Church
Prata di Principato Ultra Photos (21/06/2008)
World War I Memorial, Torre Civica, Borgo Vecchio (historic centre)
Pratola Serra Photos (21/06/2008)
Town Hall, Fabrizio House, Our Lady of Sorrows Church
Atripalda Photos (19/06/2008)
Customs of Wheat, Saint Mary of Purity National Music Academy, Saint Mary of Carmel Church
Santa Maria a Vico Photos (27/05/2008)
Saint Nicholas the Great Parrish, The shoemaker, Clock Tower
Caiazzo Photos (30/10/2007)
Giulio Cesare D'Ercole Street, Saint Mary of the Assumption Cathedral, City view
Alife Photos (12/07/2007)
Town walls, Roman funerary hall, Alessandro Vessella's house
Vairano Patenora Photos (12/07/2007)
Historic centre view, Norman Castle, Vairano Cathedral
Nocera Inferiore Photos (27/06/2007)
Palazzo Guerritore - Broya, Giambattista Vico high school, St. Joachim
Pollena Trocchia Photos (04/06/2007)
St. William Apostle, Villa Caracciolo - Ruoppolo, Church of Most Holy Annunciation and convent of Most Holy Sacrament
Volla Photos (01/06/2007)
St. Michael's church, Town hall, Castle's ruins
Casoria Photos (31/05/2007)
Civic Gardens, Blessed Ludovico of Casoria statue, The parish of St. Maur
Cercola Photos (24/05/2007)
Villari Villa, Town Hall and the World Wars Memorial, Immaculate Conception parish & St. Anthony
Scafati Photos (04/05/2007)
The church of Our Lady, Town hall, Civic gardens
Pompei Photos (03/05/2007)
Pompeii's archaeological site, Virgin Mary of the Rosary Basilica, Campanile of Virgin Mary Basilica
Bacoli Photos (02/05/2007)
Vanvitelli Casino on the Fusaro Lake, Baia's Castle, Temple of Venus
Salerno Photos (20/04/2007)
The Cathedral's Campanile, Arechi's Castle, Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Maddaloni Photos (04/04/2007)
Minor Basilica of Corpus Domini, Calatia's city walls, Aqueduct
Giugliano in Campania Photos (03/04/2007)
Holy Annunciation's church, Alberto De Cristofaro Stadium, St. Nicholas' church
Monte di Procida Photos (03/04/2007)
Church of the Assumption, Piazza 27th January, Church of St. Antony and St. Michael Archangel
Santa Maria Capua Vetere Photos (02/04/2007)
The Capuan Amphitheatre, Church of Saint Mary Major, Hadrian's Arch
Quarto Photos (28/03/2007)
Via Campana, Fescine, Church of the Holy Mary of "Libera Nos a Scandalis"
Aversa Photos (20/03/2007)
St. Paul's Cathedral, Napoli Arch, Aragonese Castle
Caserta Photos (20/03/2007)
Caserta Royal Palace, Vanvitelli's Memorial, Old Caserta Cathedral's Dome
Marcianise Photos (19/03/2007)
The Statue of Charity, Piazza Umberto, The church of St. Andrew the Apostle
Pozzuoli Photos (19/03/2007)
The Flavian Amphitheatre, Church of the Holy Virgin of the Graces, Temple of Serapis
Positano Photos (31/01/2007)
Virgin Mary's Assumption Church, Spiaggia Grande, View
Nola Photos (21/12/2006)
Virgin Mary's Assumption Church, Town Hall, Palazzo Orsini
Afragola Photos (20/12/2006)
St. Mary d'Ajello church, Town Hall, Blessed Virgin Mary Church.
Marigliano Photos (19/12/2006)
Town Hall, Duke's Palace, St. Vitus Church
Brusciano Photos (18/12/2006)
Holy Mary of the Graces Church, St. John Baptist Church
Casalnuovo di Napoli Photos (16/12/2006)
Town Park, St. James the Greater Parish, St. Mary of Arcora Church
Mariglianella Photos (15/12/2006)
John the Apostle Church, Town Hall, St Mary of Health
Acerra Photos (14/12/2006)
Virgin Mary's Assumption Cathedral, Barony Castle, St. Alphonso Maria de Liguori Church
Summonte Photos (10/11/2006)
St. Nicholas' Arch, Medieval Tower, Lime Tree
Sant'Angelo a Scala Photos (09/11/2006)
St. Jacob Apostle's Church, Feudal Castle's ruins, Panorama
Mercogliano Photos (03/11/2006)
Montevergine Benedictines Nuns Monastery, Loreto Abbot Palace
Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo Photos (02/11/2006)
Our Lady of Montevergine Sanctuary, Monument to Pilgrim, Triton's Fountain
Ariano Irpino Photos (28/10/2006)
Magdalena Fountain, Norman Castle, Basilica Cathedral
Piano di Sorrento Photos (25/10/2006)
St. Michael Archangel's Basilica, Holy Assumption's Confraternity, Particular of "Madonna of the Graces called Rossella" Shrine
Vico Equense Photos (24/10/2006)
Umberto I Square, Caporivo's Tower and Seiano's beach, Holy Assumption's Campanile
Sorrento Photos (18/09/2006)
Sea View, Sorrento's Cathedral, Tasso Square
Cautano Photos (05/09/2006)
St. Andrew Apostle's Church, Laundrywomen Fountains, Simonetta Lamberti's Monument
Foglianise Photos (05/09/2006)
SS. Corpus Christi and St. Anne Church, Laundrywomen Fountains, St. Mary of Constantinople Church
Montesarchio Photos (05/09/2006)
Panoramic of town and Caudina Valley, Montesarchio Tower, St. Francis Church and Town Hall
Tocco Caudio Photos (05/09/2006)
Sts. Cosma and Damiano's Church, St. Vincent's ruins, St. Michael Archangel's Church
Solopaca Photos (09/08/2006)
Cellar, Holy Christ's Body Church, Municipal Palace
Bonea Photos (08/08/2006)
St.Nicholas of Bari Church, Town Hall Palace, Carre Square
Torrecuso Photos (02/08/2006)
Padre Pio's Little Square, Municipal Palace, Panoramic of the town
Sant'Agnello Photos (01/08/2006)
Town hall and War Memorial, Sts. Prisco and Agnello's Parish Church, St. Agnello's Square and Italia Corso (Main Street)
Campoli del Monte Taburno Photos (31/07/2006)
Padre Pio Little Square, St. Nicholas De Mira Church, La Marmora Square(Postal Office and Town Hall
Vitulano Photos (29/07/2006)
Most Holy Assumption Basilica, Royal Fountain, St. Mary of Graces' Church and Convent
Telese Terme Photos (28/07/2006)
Thermae, Telese's Lake, St. Stephens's Church
Pietrelcina Photos (27/07/2006)
Sacred Family Church, Padre Pio's home, St. Mary of Angels' Church
Vietri sul Mare Photos (26/07/2006)
Matteotti Square's Majolica, The Boats, St. John the Baptist's Church
Scala Photos (24/07/2006)
The Ziro's Tower, Municipal Square and Bell Tower, Majolica with Monuments' map
Torre Annunziata Photos (18/07/2006)
Oplontis - Poppea's Villa, St. Mary of the Snow's Basilica - Ave Gratia Plena's Church, War Memorial in Cesaro Square.
Cetara Photos (17/07/2006)
St. Peter Apostle's Church, The Little Tower, Lemon Grove
Ravello Photos (15/07/2006)
St. Mary a Gradillo's Church, Panoramic, San Giovanni del Toro's Square
San Giorgio a Cremano Photos (11/07/2006)
Bruno's Villa, Old St. George's Church, Queen of the lilies Temple
Torre del Greco Photos (10/07/2006)
Brooms' Villa, Holy Cross Basilica, The Port
Naples Photos (06/07/2006)
Castle (Maschio) Angioino, Royal Palace and Plebiscite Square, Naples University - Frederick II
Minori Photos (30/06/2006)
Beach and Lemon yard, Donna Medusa, Roman Villa
Maiori Photos (29/06/2006)
St. Francis Church and Convent, Norman Tower, Virgin Mary Statue
Ercolano Photos (23/06/2006)
Herculaneum excavations, Campolieto's Villa, Villa Favorita Park
Atrani Photos (19/06/2006)
Holy St. Mary Magdalene Collegiate, Humbert I Little Square, St. Salvador of Birecto's Church
Amalfi Photos (08/06/2006)
St. Andrew Patron's Cathedral, Flavio Gioia Square Majolica, Saracen Tower
Capri Photos (02/06/2006)
Faraglioni, The Piazzetta (Umberto I Square), Capri Little Street
Portici Photos (01/06/2006)
St. Ciro's Church, Granatello Railway Station, The Town Park and the Royal Wood
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