Italian Cities and Towns Find local pharmacies in Catania, ZIP Code 95123, with phone numbers and addresses. List of pharmacies (chemist shop, drugstore). Buy prescriptions, medicines, health and beauty products, homeopathic and herbal remedies

Pharmacy List Catania - ZIP: 95123

Farmacia Bellia L.& C. Snc
Address: Via Susanna, 2
Phone number: 095-356095;
Farmacia Caffo del Dott. Germano Gaetano Giovanni Snc
Address: Via Calvario, 7
Phone number: 095-397113;
Farmacia Crocebianca Del Dr. Pantano & Figli Snc
Address: Via Cesare Beccaria, 79
Phone number: 095-439286;
Farmacia Galermo del Dr. Vincenzo Carlo Petitto & C. Sas
Address: Via Galermo, 308
Phone number: 095-7140483;
Farmacia Marino Sergio
Address: Via Sebastiano Catania, 198
Farmacia Merlo G. Figli Snc
Address: Piazza Santa Maria di Gesu', 4
Phone number: 095-311941;
Farmacia Panebianco Giustina
Address: Viale Mario Rapisarda, 349
Farmacia Zappalą
Address: Viale Mario Rapisardi, 229
Farmacia Zappalą di Carlo Zappalą & C. Snc
Address: Via Cibele, 57
Farmacia Zarba Santi
Address: Via Armando Diaz, 17
Phone number: 095-351815;
Farmacia Zerbo Maria
Address: Via Galermo, 270
Phone number: 095-516589;
stores selling over-the-counter (OTC) drugs medicines that may be sold without a prescription
L'Angolo Della Salute Di E. Patti
Via Scannapieco, 5
Viale Mario Rapisardi, 418
Parafarmacia Dott. Alessandro Benedetto Ferlito
Via Ammiraglio Caracciolo 21
Parafarmacia Sebastiano Catania
Via Sebastiano Catania N°312
Saretta Alberti
Via Giuseppe Fava, 16
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