Italian Cities and Towns Find local pharmacies in Catania, ZIP Code 95121, with phone numbers and addresses. List of pharmacies (chemist shop, drugstore). Buy prescriptions, medicines, health and beauty products, homeopathic and herbal remedies

Pharmacy List Catania - ZIP: 95121

Farmacia Baglio M. Luisa
Address: Villaggio Sant'Agata Zona B1
(locality: Zona B)
Farmacia Borgh Salvatore
Address: Viale Librino, 15
Farmacia Coffa Antonia
Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 25
Phone number: 095-345214;
Farmacia Del Pigno
Address: Via dei Sanguinelli, 5
Phone number: 095-575067;
Farmacia Della Concordia Della Dottoressa Santangeli Clara
Address: Via della Concordia, 211
Phone number: 095-341792;
Farmacia Della Plaja
Address: Via San Giuseppe alla Rena, 98/H
Phone number: 095-340903;
Farmacia Finocchiaro Giuseppa
Address: Via San Giovanni Battista, 8
Phone number: 095-420602;
Farmacia Fisichella Dr. Paolo
Address: Via del Plebiscito, 224
Farmacia Librino Snc
Address: Viale Bummacaro, 6
Farmacia Monciino del Dott.Monciino S. & C. S.N.C.
Address: Via Garibaldi, 74
Phone number: 095-7150557;
Farmacia Parlato Ivo
Address: Stradale San Giorgio, 113
Farmacia Rizzo Nervo Maria
Address: Via Plebiscito, 116
Phone number: 095-346004;
Farmacia Russo S. & M. Snc
Address: Corso San Teodoro, 6
Phone number: 095-451365;
Farmacia San Cristoforo Dottoressa Tedesco Patrizia
Address: Via Plebiscito, 329
Phone number: 095-340264;
Farmacia Sant'Agata
Address: Vill. Sant'Agata Zona A, 26
Phone number: 095-457313;
Farmacia Scalia P. & C. Snc
Address: Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 230
Phone number: 095-310704;
Farmacia Scravaglieri
Address: Via Belice, 2
Phone number: 095-316906;
Farmacia Zinno
Address: Via Plaia, 117
stores selling over-the-counter (OTC) drugs medicines that may be sold without a prescription
Via Gelso Bianco
Parafarmacia Aeroporto
Aeroporto Catania
Parafarmacia Al Faro
Via Acquicella Porto, 6/B
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