Italian Cities and Towns Find local pharmacies in Turin (Torino), ZIP Code 10137, with phone numbers and addresses. List of pharmacies (chemist shop, drugstore). Buy prescriptions, medicines, health and beauty products, homeopathic and herbal remedies

Pharmacy List Turin - ZIP: 10137

Farmacia Althea Snc della Dottoressa Brussino Daniela
Address: Via Gorizia, 133
Phone number: 011-352084;
Farmacia Beato Angelico Del Gruppo Popolari Subalpine Sas Di Crepaldi E.
Address: Via San Marino, 69
Phone number: 011-362562;
Farmacia Comunale 1 - Afc
Address: Corso Orbassano, 249
Phone number: 011-390045;
Farmacia Comunale 23 - Afc
Address: Via Guido Reni, 155/157
Phone number: 011-307573;
Farmacia Comunale 35 - Afc
Address: Via Cimabue, 8
Phone number: 011-3114027;
Farmacia Comunale 36 - Afc
Address: Via Filadelfia, 142
Phone number: 011-321619;
Farmacia Comunale 37 - Afc
Address: Corso Agnelli, 56
Phone number: 011-3247458;
Farmacia Corso Siracusa Dottoressa Fiorentino
Address: Corso Siracusa, 98
Phone number: 011-3119108;
Farmacia Cosenza di Sarnico Sara Simona Luisa
Address: Corso Cosenza, 39
Phone number: 011-3174848;
Farmacia Dell'Orso
Address: Via Buenos Aires, 77
Phone number: 011-393735;
Farmacia Filadelfia Dott.Santomartino
Address: Via Guido Reni 109/A
Phone number: 011-3112553;
Farmacia Mirafiori Snc di Cellura Dott. G. & C
Address: Via Sanremo, 37
Phone number: 011-3176888;
Farmacia Pitagora Snc delle Dottoresse D. Bonicelli e l. Ramassotto
Address: Piazza Pitagora, 9
Phone number: 011-3093185;
Farmacia Rognone
Address: Corso Orbassano, 216
Farmacia San Giorgio
Address: Piazza Dante Livio Bianco, 10
Phone number: 011-19702006;
Farmacia San Pietro Snc di Bonello Dott. Stefano e Cornelio Dott. Filippo
Address: Corso Siracusa, 87
Phone number: 011-360994;
Farmacia Santa Rita Snc
Address: Corso Sebastopoli, 143
Phone number: 011-393083;
Farmacia Santi Cosma e Damiano di Rosenkrantz Federica Maria
Address: Piazza Omero, 16
Phone number: 011-3112577; Fax: 011-3110719
stores selling over-the-counter (OTC) drugs medicines that may be sold without a prescription
Corso Siracusa 127
Farmit S.N.C.
Corso Orbassano 165
Natura Street 1970 Srl
Via Paolo Gaidano 125/A
Parafarmacia Dell'Edera
Corso Orbassano 256
Parafarmacia E-Bmed
Via Baltimora, 59
Parafarmacia Gaidano Di Dottoressa Heidar
Via Paolo Gaidano 109
Parafarmacia San Matteo 3
Via Bainsizza 4/F
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