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Oplontis - Poppea's Villa
Foto Torre Annunziata: Oplontis - Poppea's Villa
View of the big Oplontis Villa, belonging to Poppea, the second Nero's wife. Built in the half of the I century B.C. it was buried by the Vesuvius eruption of the 79 A.D. and it has been declared by UNESCO as Humanity Heritage. The Villa was fully decorated with frescos of II style and the building technique adopted was in opus incertum and in opus reticolatum. For the richness of decorations and the beauty of panorama, it is considered one of the most splendid roman villas left in Italy.
St. Mary of the Snow's Basilica - Ave Gratia Plena's Church
Foto Torre Annunziata: St. Mary of the Snow's Basilica - Ave Gratia Plena's Church
The Legend tells that some anglers, in the second half of the 14th century put a little statue found into the sea in the small church of Holy Assumption, who was called St. Mary of the Snow. It was given this name because the day of the recovery was also the Madonna of the Snow's feast, a traditional Catholic celebration. In the Catholic tradition, moreover, the Madonna of the Snow made a famous miracle: she blocked the Vesuvius' lava during a terrible eruption in the 1822. In the 15th Century Earl Nicola d'Alagno ordered to build the Ave Gratia Plena's Church.
War Memorial in Cesaro Square.
Foto Torre Annunziata: War Memorial in Cesaro Square.
Designed by the sculptor Vincenzo Irace and opened in 1930, it brings the engraving: "Torre Annunziata /to its sons/ fallen for the country/ 1915-1918". It is situated in Ernesto Cesaro Square, named after a famous mathematician, formerly known as Comizi Square. On the back, we can see the Sts Joseph and Teresa Church founded in 17th century by the Carmelite friars.
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