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The Flavian Amphitheatre
Foto Pozzuoli: The Flavian Amphitheatre
The Amphitheatrum Flavium is the third in size in Italy after the Colosseum and the Capuan Amphitheatrum; it was built during the reign of Vespasian and was inaugurated by Titus. It had three levels for hosting spectators and big subterranenas that was used as a backstage or to cage the animals utilized in the games.
Church of the Holy Virgin of the Graces
Foto Pozzuoli: Church of the Holy Virgin of the Graces
Over years Holy Virgin of the Graces had suffered from several damages caused by bradyseism, a volcanic phenomena which affects the Pozzuoli area causing little earthquakes. The single-nave building features neoclassical decorations and has been recently restorated.
Temple of Serapis
Foto Pozzuoli: Temple of Serapis
The Temple of Serapis, regarded as the city's symbol, had been wrongly considered a Roman religious building dating back to the Flavian dynasty, because a statue of the god Serapis was found here in the 18th century. On the contrary it was properly a Macellum, the main food market. Due to bradyseism, the temple has descended under the sea level many times over centuries, and it is still possible to see on the columns the sea marks of different floods.
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